Are You Making “Brain-Busting” or “Brain-Boosting” Choices?

Aug 2, 2011 by

You can re-engage your commitment to reach your success destination this year. A critical component of your planning, actions and success is your brain, and yet many of us give it little attention.

Your choices about what to eat or drink, what to think, whether or not to exercise, how much sleep you’ll get, and more all have a powerful impact on your brain’s health and performance. Many of us make “brain-busting” choices because we never learned how these choices can enhance or impair our brain.

Starting today, you can commit to learn about what your brain needs to be at its best and then make more conscious “brain-boosting” choices. I love to help people have their best brains at work, school and home and I commit to sharing information, websites, seminars and more so you can make more “brain-boosting” choices. A good place to start for a wealth of high- quality information is Dr. Daniel Amen’s site.

What do you want to learn or understand about your brain? Share a comment…

May you choose to create a great day as you continue to make a positive difference in the lives you touch!

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