Welcome to the launch party of the Brain Booster Club.  We are excited to have you join us as we share powerful information to help your brain work best.


Show Descriptions:

Where’s My Keys?

Quick.  Answer this question: Which general won the battle of Gettysburg? Come on… you know you know it. You learned it in school, probably multiple times. You learned it in history, social studies, in the third, seventh and probably even the eleventh grade. So if you know you know it, why can’t you recall it?

Frustrating, huh? And a little scary too! What exactly IS happening to those brain cells on a day to day basis?

If you’ve found yourself forgetting names, dates or even the milk…if you’ve been wondering if your forgetfulness is normal, or a sign that something is going wrong…join Melanie as she discusses memory and shares strategies to enhance your retention and recall.

The recording is available at Blog Talk Radio

Feed Your Brain

Did you know that the food you consume play a tremendous role in how well your brain functions? Consider this… if you are 100% in control of what you put in your mouth, you are 100% in control of whether you are fueling your brain for success or failure.

  •    If you are tired of forgetting, feeling foggy or just down right fatigued…
  •    If you would like to help your child be brain ready for school…
  •    If you are looking for inspiration… you really WANT to make better choices…

Join Melanie and her special guest, Life Strategist and Health Coach Lynette Patterson, ACC to learn what food and beverages provide your brain with the building blocks of success.

The recording is available at Blog Talk Radio

Brain Boosters or Busters?

Are the things you are doing boosting, or busting your brain? Are you sabotaging your… and your child’s… ability to retain and recall? Discover 5 important things you can do to create your best brain. And the 5 things that are stifling its power (hint… you’re probably doing them right now.)

The recording is available at Blog Talk Radio

Emotional Hijacking… 4 Ways to Eject Emotional Hijackers from your Brain

Have you ever been so intensely emotional (upset/angry/frustrated, etc.) that you couldn’t “think straight”? Words were coming out of your mouth… (and you sound like a 5 year old!!)

Listen to gain insight into what happens in the brain when we experience “emotional hijacking,” why it doesn’t work to try to be rational with someone who is intensely emotional, and 4 powerful strategies to identify and shift out of your own periods of “emotional hijacking.”

The recording is available at Blog Talk Radio



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