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… feeling energized and focused at the beginning (and end) of each day.

remembering where you put your keys or what you went into the other room to do.

… being at your best weight and level of health.

helping others live their best lives (because you are living yours).

learning new information quickly and easily.


You no longer need to imagine, because the reality of designing your best brain is only a click away.


Join the Brain Booster Club and each month you will receive…

  • Relevant articles that will guide you toward designing your best brain.
  •   Weekly ‘Brain Boosters‘ – It’s been said that small changes create big results and that is absolutely true when it comes to your brain.  By implementing these super simple strategies, you’ll be gifted with a brain that remembers and recalls more of the things you wish it to, and less of those things you don’t.
  • Monthly Mind Mentoring – Join Melanie each month as she provides vital information to help your brain function at its best.  For one hour each month, Melanie will provide you with information your brain needs to maximize it performance.  Can’t join the live call? That’s ok, you’ll have access to each monthly call to listen to as many times as you like.

Best… you’ll receive all of this for a special launch price of only $9.97 per month!


Yes! Only $9.97 per month!


Or, to save even more…buy 10 months and get 2 months free.  That’s an entire year of brain boosting strategies for only $99.97. 


For less than a dinner for one, you’ll gain access to the only person in the world who has this very specific set of  expertise and experience.  For less than a couple gallons of gas, you’ll be able to tap into her mind, heal yours, and help those you love have their best brains too.

Act now.  This is the only brain you’ll ever have.  There is no such thing as a brain transplant.  The things you do to it today matter as to how it will function tomorrow.  Begin today.


About Melanie Hoffner

Melanie is the only professional in the world with the following combination of certifications and licenses:

  • Certified Brain-Based Trainer
  • Certified Passion Test Facilitator
  • Certified Trainer of Accountability That Works!
  • Certified Trainer of Dimensions of Learning
  • Licensed Trainer of Psycho-Geometrics
  • Currently earning her certification as a Remarkable Leadership Coach
  • Iowa certified secondary teacher for 20 years

The mother of a 10 year old growing brain (aka Alex), Melanie is committed to supporting parents and teachers to have their best brains and to grow the best brains in their children.   She understands the struggle of homework,  of walking the fine line between constructive feedback and unhelpful praise, and more.

She knows how the brain works, but more importantly how brains are different.  She will help you discover how your brain’s unique processing preferences,  limiting beliefs and life experiences influence how your brain organizes, retains and recalls information.  Most importantly, you’ll learn how your attitude and lifestyle choices boost or bust your brain.


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