Do you feel sandwiched between the needs of your manager and the needs of your team?

Would you appreciate smoother sailing on the seas of change?

How would your  life be different if your teams collaborated more effectively?

What would happen if you could bolster creativity and discipline within your teams?

If you are feeling exhausted, frustrated and overwhelmed at work, it’s time for a mental brain washing.  Improving performance means changing the way people think.  Applying insights and strategies from brain science can make you much more effective in leading your team to create successful results.

Join the Brain Booster Club and each month you will receive…

  • Relevant articles that will guide you toward designing your best brain.
  • Weekly ‘Brain Boosters‘ – It’s been said that small changes create big results and that is absolutely true when it comes to your brain. By implementing these super simple strategies, you’ll be gifted with a brain that remembers and recalls more of the things you wish it to, and less of those things you don’t.
  • Monthly Mind Mentoring – Join Melanie each month as she provides vital information to help your brain function at its best. For one hour each month, Melanie will provide you with information your brain needs to maximize it performance. Can’t join the live call? That’s ok, you’ll have access to each monthly call to listen to as many times as you like.

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Yes! Only $9.97 per month!


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